The biggest retirement problem is thinking retirement is a single, static event and not a dynamic, multi-faceted process. When it comes to retirement there are many retirement roadblocks such as market volatility, poor investment performance, keeping up with the market, not considering healthcare expenses, having an inaccurate estimate of pension or social security income due to Windfall Elimination and Government Pension Offset. Many people are confused when it comes to making the best choices related to Investing, Social Security, Medicare, TRS and ORP. Often they are frustrated to find out that the wrong choices lead to reduced social security or pension benefit. There is even the embarrassment of knowing that if we outlive our retirement savings we might become a financial burden to the ones we love.  A market draw down near retirement could lead to sequence of return risk, which could postpone or delay retirement.

Making the right retirement choices should not be so confusing and mistakes so expensive.

At Houston First Financial Group we understand the complexity of retirement planning, and know every person's retirement situation is unique. For years the advisors at Houston First Financial Group have been entrusted by educators and healthcare professionals to manage their retirement dollars.


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