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Best of Money Matters Radio / Podcast hosted by Christopher Hensley
1) Money Matters Episode 92- Get Whats Yours: The Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security W/ Laurence Kotlikoff


2) Money Matters Episode 150- Get Whats Yours for Medicare W/ Philip Moeller


3) Money Matters Episode 131- Rightsizing Your Retirement W/ Jeff Christakos CFP


4) Money Matters Episode 81- Financial Wellness for Physician's and Healthcare Professional's W/ Vicki Rackner MD


5) Money Matters Episode 168- Financial Planning For Divorce W/ Joseph A. Davis CDFA

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Institute of Business & Finance Announces a New CES™ Designee, Christopher Hensley


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Press Release

How Schools Can Improve Their Personal Finance Education 

Expert discusses how seniors can avoid phone scams 

SOFA Member Chris Hensley Receives Certificate of Recognition on Behalf of SOFA and the Texas Council on Economic Education 

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2022 Podcast - Social Security: Answers From The Expert


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American Business Television: Commentary on DOL Fiduciary Ruling

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Content Creation Strategies: Christopher Hensley Interview


Post-Festive Financial Recovery

Embracing The Tiny Living Dream With Financial Savvy

Financial Well-Being - An Interview with Christopher Hensley

Investing At All Ages 

DISCLOSURE: Investing regular amounts steadily over time (dollar-cost averaging) may lower your average per-share cost. Periodic investment programs cannot guarantee profit or protect against loss in a declining market. Dollar-cost averaging is a long-term strategy involving continuous investing, regardless of fluctuating price levels, and, as a result, you should consider your financial ability to continue to invest during periods of fluctuating price levels.Roth IRA distributions are tax-free if made 5 years after the initial contribution to the plan and you are over 59 1/2.


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Beyond Careers 4th Annual Education Symposium - Master of Ceremonies 

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Financial Advisor Magazine

-Advisors Stay The Course Amid Monday's Market Drop 
August 24, 2015 • Karen DeMasters and Christopher Robbins  
-Fears Of Social Security's Demise Unfounded, Advisors Say 
August 17, 2015 • Christopher Robbins  

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